Program Overview

It's a 14 sessions program which covers a range of topics, including sound design, sound editing, mixing, and mastering. Students will learn how to use a audio software DAW along with creating sessions and starting workflow branches and many more important aspects of audio post production. They will also learn how to work effectively with directors, producers, and other members of the production team to create soundscapes that complement the visual elements of a project.
In addition to technical skills, the program emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, and problem-solving in the context of audio post-production. Students will learn how to work effectively with other members of the postproduction team, as well as how to handle unexpected challenges and changes in the production schedule.

Learning Objectives
  • To learn about all the various profession which comes under sound designing.
  • To learn and understand about managing data
  • To learn the audio software called DAW
  • Learn to create sessions and starting work flow branches
  • To learn the process of dubbing
  • To learn about the job of Dialogues editor, dub supervisor, sound FX editor, foley and mixing engineer
  • To learn about sound deliverables
  • Learn to create data backup
  • Program Fee: 24,999/-
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Day 1

An inaugural ceremony welcoming every participant by knowing them and also knowing from them what are their expectations from this platform & then briefing what they'll truly learn from this 14 session Expertise Course of sound in films and media.

Duration : 1 Hours
Day 2

Introduction to Sound theory, its elements and implications

Duration : 2 hours
Day 3

Various professionals work together to create final sound output. You will learn about each person's role during this session. Here you will know the roles and responsibilities of Sound Designer, Sound Editors (Dialogue editor, FX editor) Foley Artist etc.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 4

A good line of communication with the editor is essential during post-production. You will learn the most effective workflow of getting data from the editing department along with the introduction to different file formats required for sound post-production.

Duration : 4 hours
Day 5

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation. Its a software which cover every part of the music-making process from recording digital audio through creating beats and melodies with virtual instruments all the way to adding effects to make everything sound great and perfecting your final mix of all the tracks. This session is the introduction to DAW along with software plugins and their implication.

Duration : 4 hours
Day 6

You will get to know the details of the software DAW. We wiill teach you to create session in DAW with different configurations for different projects and platforms.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 7

Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor (or a replacement actor) after the filming process to improve audio quality or make changes to the originally scripted dialog. We will cover everything related to ADR in this session.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 8

Detailed Introduction to the job of Dialogue Editor and its techniques.

Duration : 3 hours
Day 9

Introduction to Job of Dub Supervisor and its workflow.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 10

Detailed Overview to Job of Sound FX Editor and its workflow, Introduction to different treminology to access sound library.

Duration : 3 hours
Day 11

Introduction to the art of foley, its importance and techniques to perform it.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 12

Detailed overview of the job of Mixing Engineer, introdction to different mixing formats, specifications of different platforms and different techniques of sound mixing.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 13

Overview on how to make deliverables for different platforms with different specifications.

Duration : 2 hours
Day 14

In this session you will learn the ways to handle the data and to create secure backup.

Duration : 1 hours