Program Overview

"Costuming, as creative as it is, it's very necessary for one to understand and learn the art of how one must approach a script and make it come alive via characters in the story. This is a seven-day programme that provides you with comprehensive information on how you start from the beginning and climb the ladder to be the Costume Designer yourself. This programme teaches you everything, from the fundamentals of dressing to dissecting the script, from budgeting to duties on set, handling set and making magic happen."

Learning Objectives
  • To learn about costuming
  • To learn how to read the script and breaking it down
  • To learn to study the era of your story
  • Making execution plan and timelines
  • To learn budgeting
  • To learn and understand the coordination between different departments
  • Handling artists on set
  • Do's and Don'ts of set
  • To learn about the common challenges and its solutions
  • To learn and understand the handover process
  • Program Fee: 999/-
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Day 1

An inaugural ceremony welcoming every participant by knowing them and also knowing from them what are their expectations from this platform & then briefing what they'll truly learn from this 5 session Expertise Course of Costume Designer's work

Duration : 1 Hours
Day 2

Roots - Introduction to what is costuming. (Basics of clothing, textiles, measurements, fittings, etc )

Duration : 2 hours
Day 3

Stem - How to read a script, making notes, dissecting characters, creating characters, backstory, study the era

Duration : 2 hours
Day 4

Leaves - Plan for Execution and requirements

Duration : 2 hours
Day 5

Leaves - Plan for budgeting, timelines and layouts

Duration : 2 hours
Day 6

Flowering - Creating team, Coordination with other respective teams, duties to alight work with respective team, hiccups, decorum

Duration : 4 hours
Day 7

Fruits of labour - Fun excercise to dealing on set, look-tests, crisis management, handover, closing Pettis with memories and shutting the book

Duration : 2 hours