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Our Team

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Ashish Pandey

Ashish Pandey is a talented writer and director who has made a name for himself in the world of television and films. He has written and directed on several acclaimed projects, including the popular web series "Hush Hush," where he directed one of the episodes.

Ashish Pandey has always had a passion for storytelling, and began his career as a writer. He is working as a writer and director from several years, honing his craft and developing his unique voice. He gained recognition for his work on several independent films, like The Cabin Man (2008), Nooreh (2018) etc.

In 2020, Ashish was offered the opportunity to direct an episode of the hit web series "Hush Hush," which centers around a group of friends who get drawn into a dangerous game of secrets and lies. Ashish's episode was widely praised for its suspenseful pacing, strong performances, and stylish direction.

Ashish's work on "Hush Hush" has helped to cement his reputation as a rising star in the world of web series. His unique voice and vision have earned him a dedicated following, and many are eagerly anticipating his next project.

Prashen Kyawal

Prashen Kyawal is an Indian film producer, post-producer, and post-supervisor, who is known for his work in the Hindi film industry. He has a diverse portfolio of work, including working as a Creative Producer on India's first complete POV horror movie RAKKHOSH streaming on Netflix and as a Post Producer on the Hindi movie CHHORRI streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

He also worked as additional post producer on the web series Hush Hush on Amazon Prime India. He has collaborated with Vishal Furia in several movies and web series.

He is considered as one of the prominent post-producer and post-supervisor in the Indian Hindi film industry today. With his experience, talent, and skills, he has been able to make a name for himself in the industry and is known for his high-quality work.

Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar was born and raised in the Rajasthani village of Khairthal in the Alwar district. He graduated from University of Rajasthan with a B.F.A. and an M.F.A.

His father's drive to innovate has unwittingly aided him to grow as an art director from a very young age. The wisest decision of his life, in his opinion, was to forgo pursuing a B.Sc. in biology in favour of pursuing his passion for art.

His profession as a production designer and art director has always challenged him to push his limits and he has always proved himself. His involvement in web series, films and TV serials like Commando 2, Maidaan, Illegal, Suryaputra Karna, Chakravarti Ashoka, Fastey Fasaatey, Rifalgunj, Porus, Chhori and Atithi Bhooto Bhavah is the prime example of his passion and immense knowledge of his craft.

With Filmy Captains Hemant is ready and excited to share his years of experience in taking a project right from conceptualization down to its final execution.

Ruchi Thakkar

Ruchi Thakkar is a meticulous Wardrobe Supervisor and Costume designer who has worked on some of the most acclaimed web shows and couple of movies in recent years. She has also done more than 75 advertisements/digital ads since she started. Her attention to detail, creativity, and hard work have made her a sought-after collaborator among some of the top costume designers and directors in the industry.

Ruchi's career in the entertainment industry began with an internship at Design house, where she learned the designing more in detail and slowly over the years shifted from designing to assisting in styling for movies, where she learned ins and outs of the industry and honed her skills. She quickly proved herself to be a valuable member of the team and was soon hired as a full-time chief Assistant designer and Wardrobe Supervisor in several major productions.

Over the years, Ruchi has worked on a wide variety of projects, including the Indian adaptation of the hit television series "24," where she served as a costume assistant during the show's second season. She also worked on the French film "Un Plus Une," as well as several other international productions. Ruchi's work on "The Forgotten Army," a critically acclaimed Indian web series about the Indian National Army during World War Il, helped to cement her reputation as a skilled and versatile costume assistant. Throughout her career, Ruchi has proven herself to be a dedicated and hardworking member of the costume design team. Her ability to work well under pressure, her attention to detail, and her ability to collaborate effectively with designers and directors have made her an indispensable member of the production team.

Gargi Purkayastha

Gargi Purkayastha is a highly experienced Production Manager. She graduated in Media Science and went on to pursue a post-graduation in Films and Video Production from NSHM, Kolkata. After completing studies, she has been working in the industry since 2012. She has worked on a range of projects such as short films, web series and features films. Her most notable works are A Suitable Boy on Netflix, Hush Hush on Amazon Prime and Production No. 27. She has a deep understanding of the film and video production process from pre-production to post-production. Being highly organized and detail-oriented, Gargi has been able to manage the production of various projects effectively. With her dedication and sincerity she is at the top of every Executor Producer’s phone sheet.